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Proteins, Hydrolyzed Proteins, and Collagen Hydrolyzates

Amino Acid Hydroxyproline: Unique to Collagen Derived Proteins

Chemical FormulaProteins, Hydrolyzed Proteins and Collagen Hydrolyzate are products derived from the controlled enzymatic reduction of the molecular weight of Collagen derived protein. Milligan & Higgins has developed procedures using various proteolytic enzymes, to accurately control the final molecular weight of the protein product. Alkaline hydrolyzed proteins are also available. These proteins form clear, nearly odorless solutions in water. Viscosity of the solution formed can be controlled by concentration or the degree of molecular weight reduction. These products are not however, a complete protein, in that they are missing the following essential amino acids: cysteine and tryptophan. Small amounts of tyrosine and methione which are present in the raw protein may be lost during processing. When compounding, other proteins should be added that contain these amino acids for food products.

These products come in various forms: 30% water solution, 55% water solutions and spray dried. Each of the products are also made in Technical and Edible forms. We will custom make products to your particular specifications.

Some of the application for these products are:

  • Set time control of concrete, spackle and mortar
  • Personal care product additives
  • Protein supplement additives
  • Emulation stabilizers
  • Foaming aids

For more technical information regarding these products please contact us.

Protein Hydrolyzate, Animal Fat, Animal Feed Binder

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Proteins, Hydrolyzed Proteins, and Collagen Hydrolyzates
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