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Hide Glues, Bone Glues, and Industrial Gelatins

Hide Glue, Bone Glue and Industrial Gelatin are all large-molecule, protein-based products. The products are manufactured from the protein collagen found in skin, connective tissue and bones. A diagram of the complex manufacturing process used to produce these products is provided on a separate page in this site.

Applications of Hide Glue, Bone Glue, and Industrial Gelatins
Bottle Caps Adhesives, Gummed Paper Matches
Compositions and Colloidals: Printer Rollers, Cork, Matches, Rubber, Electrolytic Metal Refining, Picture Frames and Decorative Molding, Clarification, Emulsion Stabilizers. Adhesives: Abrasives, Wood, Paper Containers, Musical Instruments, Gummed Paper and Cloth, Book and Magazine Binding. Sizings and Coatings: Paper, Textiles, Gaskets, Glass Chipping

Grades Available: 80, 110, 135, 164, 192, 222, 251, 280, 315, 347, 379, 411, 444, 478, 512 Jelly Grams

Protein Hydrolyzate, Animal Fat, Animal Feed Binder

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