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Animal Feed Ingredients

Protein Hydrolyzate: This product is obtained from leather trimmings that are cooked with the addition of steam, sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. The Chromium present is precipitated and separated so that not over 30 ppm (solids basis) remains in the product. This product can be used as a liquid or as a powder. In either form, the analysis on a solids basis will not be less than 75% crude protein and not less than 85% of the protein shall be pepsin digestible. These products come in 50% solids solution and dry powder form.

Animal Fat: This product is obtained as a by-product of glue and gelatin manufacture. It consists predominantly of glyceride esters of fatty acids. It contains no less than 90% fatty acid, not more than 2.5% unsaponifiable matter, and not more than 1% insoluble impurities. It has a maximum 40% free fatty acid as well as a maximum moisture content of 1%. Color of the product varies with the season. This product is available only in 6500 gallon tank trucks.

Animal Feed Binder: These products are collagen based adhesives that are fit for animal feed. They serve as a binder in such products as dried hide dog bones, bird bells, and as a processing aid for feed pellet manufacture. Since the binder is almost 90% protein it also adds to the protein content in the final product.

Protein Hydrolyzate, Animal Fat, Animal Feed Binder

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Animal Feed Ingredients
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