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Edible Gelatins and Technical Gelatins

The principal uses of gelatin are categorized as Edible, Pharmaceutical, Photographic and other Technical. Gelatin comes in two forms "A" and "B" type. The two are different in the raw material used and the process used to manufacture the gelatin. Some Edible uses for gelatin are gelatin desserts, gummed candies, marshmallow, wine fining or clarification and prepared meat products. Among the pharmaceutical uses are hard and soft capsules, stabilizers for oil emulsions and glycerinated gelatin for suppositories. In the photographic industry, gelatins are used for paper coating and as a component in silver halide emulsion coatings. Other technical applications would be for microencapsulation, bacteriological culture media and in emulsion polymerizations.

Seafood Gelatin is graded and sold by its Bloom Value. This bloom value is a measurement of the strength of a gel formed by a 6 and 2/3 % solution of the gelatin, that has been kept in a constant temperature bath at 10 degrees centigrade for 18 hours. A device called a Texture Analyzer is then used to measure the weight in grams that is required to depress a standard AOAC plunger 4 millimeters into the gel. If this procedure requires 200 grams, then the gelatin is a 200 bloom gelatin. Each gelatin is also tested for its viscosity at this same 6 and 2/3 % concentration. A standard viscosity range is associated with each bloom level gelatin. Various other analysis are performed on the Gelatin to insure its purity. Among these other tests are micro-biological evaluation, inorganic ash, clarity, moisture content and heavy metal content.

The size of the gelatin particle may be altered by mechanical means to meet the requirements of the individual user. Mesh ranges available go from 8 mesh to 40 mesh U.S. Standard. Packaging available include 50 pound bags, 200 and 250 pound drums, bulk boxes and bulk bags with various quantities.

Gelatin Grades Available: 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 300 Bloom.

Protein Hydrolyzate, Animal Fat, Animal Feed Binder

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